Proven Academic Gains

AJE first focuses on increasing quantifiable learning. Jewish day schools working with AJE are making history by measuring and publicly announcing their outstanding academic progress.

After just one semester, students at Hebrew Academy of Long Beach exceeded their growth targets by 67% in reading and by 97% in math.


Meaningfully Lower Tuition

AJE’s mission is to make Jewish day school education more affordable. Dramatic reduction in costs, thanks to the 2 Sigma approach, enables schools to directly lower tuition for families.

At Yeshivat He’Atid, tuition is 43% lower than neighboring schools. AJE has already saved parents $3 million in tuition in just three years, a 2.3X return on philanthropic investment.


Ripples through the Community

AJE’s effects continue beyond the school. The increase in education quality and reduction of tuition have set new standards for Jewish education and tuition costs at Jewish day schools across the community.