AJE works with Jewish day schools to dramatically improve academic performance while significantly lowering the cost of education.


We help schools implement a proven educational approach that combines teachers, technology, and data to deliver individually tailored lessons to each student.

In addition to raising student performance, our approach enables schools to dramatically lower operational costs. Our mission is to ensure these savings pass through to Jewish families, making Jewish day school education more affordable and accessible.

I have two older daughters and I would have liked for them to go to a Jewish Day School but it was just not an option for us financially. I am thrilled to be able to fulfill this dream for my youngest daughter.
— Mother of AJE Student

AJE addresses the Jewish day school tuition crisis on two fronts:

  1. High Quality of Education — academic excellence maintains demand for Jewish day school education, which is necessary for the financial sustainability of the schools.

  2. Reduced Operating Costs — reducing schools’ cost per student is fundamental in order to lower Jewish day school tuition for families.

AJE is solving the tuition crisis using research-based educational methods together with advances in technology to accomplish both of these goals.

By addressing both education and finances simultaneously, AJE solves the quality vs. cost catch-22 plaguing Jewish education. Our schools are demonstrating stellar early academic results, and demonstrated efficiencies are paving the way to a future where families are far less constrained by the costs of quality Jewish education.

For young people starting out this is a God-send. Even parents who send their kids elsewhere are benefiting from your presence.
— Westchester community member


Proven Academic Gains

AJE first focuses on increasing quantifiable learning. Jewish day schools working with AJE are making history by measuring and publicly announcing their outstanding academic progress.

After just one semester, students at Hebrew Academy of Long Beach exceeded their growth targets by 67% in reading and by 97% in math.


Meaningfully Lower Tuition

AJE’s mission is to make Jewish day school education more affordable. Dramatic reduction in costs, thanks to the 2 Sigma approach, enables schools to directly lower tuition for families.

At Yeshivat He’Atid, tuition is 43% lower than neighboring schools. AJE has already saved parents $3 million in tuition in just three years, a 2.3X return on philanthropic investment.


Ripples through the Community

AJE’s effects continue beyond the school. The increase in education quality and reduction of tuition have set new standards for Jewish education and tuition costs at Jewish day schools across the community.


I cannot help but be struck again and again by the individual attention each student is receiving. After so many years of teaching, thinking I was differentiating student instruction, I am realizing that I could never take differentiation to this level without the technology and methodology we are using at WTA.
— Dr. Judy Stoner, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, WTA

School Partners

Communal Partners

What AJE is doing... might be the greatest act of communal chesed I have witnessed in my life.
— Bergen County community member

BOLD Day Schools

AJE partnered with The AVI CHAI Foundation and the Kohelet Foundation in the creation of BOLD Day Schools in 2013. This five-school initiative is a grant program that provides established Jewish day schools with the opportunity to transform their education using technology over three years. Schools were chosen from a national pool of applicants to utilize blended learning in an effort to increase quality and lower costs.

AJE’s involvement with BOLD Day Schools has provided the opportunity to observe the challenges facing schools as they embark on ambitious change efforts. These experiences and lessons are directly transferred into the implementation and ultimate success of AJE’s early pilots.

For more information about BOLD Day Schools, see bolddayschools.org


AJE Leadership

A Revolution in Education

AJE’s pilots in select schools have shown phenomenal results. The community has been overwhelming both in its demand and support for AJE. We’ve recently expanded our pilot programs as we prepare to scale.

We welcome new partners as we work to impact more communities, schools, and families.

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